Friday, November 7, 2008

We finally get our Country back! :)

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Congrats to President Elect Obama

Yes We Can!!!!! :)
CONGRATS to our future President! :)
What a pleasure after 8 years to finally have someone in the White House with a brain!!!!! ;)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


"When a leader inspires a movement of hope and of dreams,
small beams of light bounce contagiously throughout the country." :)
Estella Papassavas

Today history is being made. What will be the we'll know! ;)

I AM HERE BECAUSE I felt the "overwhelming" need to make my commentary on this historical moment. Will Obama become the next President of the United States....or will it be the other one? Notice the reference to my short term memory loss as the other one's name escapes me....:P......can't be too important. Anyway, the constituency is crying for change...let me rephrase...screaming for change. Why? Well I think that has an obvious answer, so I will not waste my words on that. I will though speak of inspiration!

How do I feel about Obama? answer....."Seems to inspire huge crowds."
Do I find him to be an elitist? answer..... "Extremely!'
What about his body language? answer..... "Frightening!"
Who am I reminded of when I see Obama? answer....Machiavelli's "Principe.";)

So there it is I 100% with I one of the followers? NAH!!!! But I am voting for and hoping he pulls this off. The other one winning just brings me nightmares! :(

The people want to feel connected.....Obama is offering that illusion to the masses. Through his presence and fight he is forcing others to take a look at their positions and to make alterations to their thinking....this in itself is good. Ultimately,
"When inspiration flickers.....the world begins to light up!" :)