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My Series of Commentaries on President George W. Bush, the 43rd President of the United States as I Coundown the Days Left :)

Day 44 - December 6, 2008
"Being born into privilege allows even an idiot unimaginable 'bene factum'
-the keyword here being 'unimaginable' as opposed to 'idiot' which in this case is a given!" ;)

Day 43 - December 7, 2008
"A Supreme Court dominated by Reagan-Bush appointees may and does appoint
the 2000 Presidency according to its 'lifetime loyalty.' Whoever said a Court
position is beyond reproach of bondage lied to the citizenry of the United States of America." ;)

Day 42 - December 8, 2008
"Through the ashes of corruption and unbalance a 'Prodigal Son' takes arrogance
to new heights as he fans the flames of an old familiar tradition called nepotism. Who would have guessed?"

Day 41 - December 9, 2008
"With the new kid on the block emerges the new and improved inner circle.
In fact, this 'Inner Circle' is so 'impregnable' that its own players are unaware of its true composition. Will history reveal it one day or will it forever stay encapsulated?"

Day 40 - December 10, 2008
"Players are groomed, strategies are formulated, a Republic gives birth to a King."

Day 39 - December 11, 2008
"The new leader begins to allow his Subjects into his world by trying to be the new mentor. His innate wisdom exceeds all expectations as the first 100 days in office bring comments like, 'Mathematics are one of the fundamentaries of
educationalizing our youths.' Could he have meant English Grammar?"

Day 38 - December 12, 2008
"This nation receives more than just a new Royal Figure. It seems that the new President also has extraordinary powers. We see this during the Putin-Bush Summit held in Slovenia on June 16, 2001. Who would have foreseen that our new President could see into souls? When he 'looked the man in the eye' and was able 'to get a sense of his soul' sometimes I contemplate what such an intricate mind might have seen had he looked into Putin's other eye too? " ;)

Day 37 - December 13, 2008
"High up on the mountain, way up in the clouds sits smug and content a 'self created' figure. His ego so delusional that it closes avenues attempting to inform him to the chatter and the planning right under his feet. Do they not know he is the new 'self appointed' god who feels indignant when recommendations come from subjects below his status?"

Day 36 - December 14, 2008
"Not to take away from my overview of Bush's Presidency (and I do stress here the word 'my') but Day 36 has 'Breaking' News. The 'Weapons of Mass Destruction' have 'FINALLY' been found!
They come in 'Size 10' and will forever symbolize the shameful legacy being left behind by this President and his Administration."

Day 35 - December 15, 2008
"The summer before 9/11 is an interesting time. Dots seemingly are ignored and warnings received as 'old' news. Yet according to Richard Clarke, the White House's National Coordinator for Anti-Terrorism, the intelligence community is convinced up to ten weeks before 9/11 that an attack by Al-Qaeda on this soil is imminent'...... we are all left wondering what goes wrong?"

Day 34 - December 16, 2008
"I sometimes like to think that good people will in the end always do the right thing but then again I am reminded that not all people are good and thereby 'cannot' do the right thing. I suppose some things are just done. Why they are done and could they have been done differently is hard to answer when one does not know the players. In this case we all know that this Nation's Intelligence has 'never' been 'Absolutely' incompetent. In this case we also know that historically the only way to get a Nation to 'rally around its President' is to give them an enemy.....maybe even start a 'little' war. Finally, in this case we definitely know that President Bush is not a popular why not allow a 'little' diabolic attack......something 'little' to just let people see him in a 'little' different light maybe even give him a 'little' slack. Problem with this 'little' thinking is that it isn't so it?"

Day 33 - December 17, 2008
"What does this President do best when chatter and warnings are given on a daily basis? HE VACATIONS!!!!!!"
A USA Today story, written right before Bush took off, reported that the vacation—scheduled to last from Aug. 3 to Sept. 3—would tie one of Richard Nixon's as the longest that any president had ever taken.
A week before leaving, Bush makes a videotaped message for the Boy Scouts of America in which he says, "I'll be going to my ranch in Crawford, where I'll work and take a little time off. I think it is so important for the president to spend some time away from Washington, in the heartland of America."
"I suppose a President does need to get away from Washington on occasion but does he 'also' need to get away from his responsibilities to the people of this Nation and never mind his job?"

Day 32 - December 18, 2008
"Sadly, the defining moment occurs: George W. Bush 'at long last' goes to school
on 9/11."

Day 31 - December 19, 2008
"It's moments like this that make me ask myself what Putin sees back in June of 2001, when he looks into George W. Bush's two eyes? Is it just an empty void where a mind should be? After all, this could actually be the answer we are all in search of."

Day 30 - December 20, 2008
"What does one say about a fragile time like the one back in 2001? It seems that shortly after 9/11 the whole world feels the pain of this Nation as well as the outrage and the anger. In its one hand, President Bush and his inner circle are given some of the most powerful ingredients to 'conjure' literally anything: He is now unstoppable."

Day 29 - December 21, 2008
"With a little time President Bush does what he seems to do best: maneuver with intent to deceit."

Below is an interesting piece from an article by Linda Feldmann, a staff writer of
the Christian Science Monitor on the pulse of this Nation by 2003 from their March 14, 2003 edition. This piece is called, 'The Impact of Bush Linking 9/11 and Iraq' - American attitudes about a connection have changed, firming up the case for war.In his prime-time press conference last week, which focused almost solely on Iraq, President Bush mentioned Sept. 11 eight times. He referred to Saddam Hussein many more times than that, often in the same breath with Sept. 11. Bush never pinned blame for the attacks directly on the Iraqi president. Still, the overall effect was to reinforce an impression that persists among much of the American public: that the Iraqi dictator did play a direct role in the attacks. A New York Times/CBS poll this week shows that 45 percent of Americans believe Mr. Hussein was "personally involved" in Sept. 11, about the same figure as a month ago.

for the rest of her article go to: The impact of Bush linking 9/11 and Iraq

Day 28 - December 22, 2008 "On March 20th, 2003 the Occupation of Iraq known as the Iraq War begins. When does it truly come into the 'planned' stage will always be debated. What can never be debated is that the United States begins its cowboy showdown with smoke and cameras along its side holster. This Country as well as the World has a new 'televised show' on the air. Where are the parental controls when you need them?"

Day 27 - December 23, 2008 "By May 1, 2003 President Bush becomes an exceptionally developed theatrical actor as he lands on the deck of the carrier Abraham Lincoln in front of the 'Mission Accomplished' Banner. Our television experience is being fabricated to promote a man. The keepers of the Bush image receive help from the media in setting up backdrop after backdrop. Not a stage, not an angle, not a light is ignored in the sale of the White House's top 'P'resident. How much does the media get paid for the manipulation of its data? Does the handling of information have to be collected and distributed to us by the deaf, the blind and the mute?"

Day 26 - December 24, 2008 "Independent thinkers conclude that to be shovel 'fed' news events can and does bring about a feeling of 'revulsio.' As for myself, I discover the World Wide Web and all of its forums by early 2003. The dynamics of information is no longer in 'their' hands for any of us." ;)

Day 25- December 25, 2008 "President Bush's Crusade for the defeat of (what his mind conjures while others might call it taking care of daddy's unfinished business) the 'Evil Empire' runs on a propaganda of good and evil. 'Operation Iraqi Freedom' is 'him' the good against 'them' the evil. Our GOOD President Bush is fighting the evil empire. Who dares argue against goodness? Let's not forget how badly the 'good' one wants to stay on for another term."

Day 24 - December 26, 2008 "On November 3rd, 2004 President Bush claims his 2nd term in office. How fortunate for us that a great and good statesman continues to oversee our country against the evil forces out in the world. With no one to hold him accountable, who helps us by overseeing our own plight from this 'evil' man?"

Day 23 - December 27, 2008 "As his second term in office continues, I myself stamp as rubbish almost all journalists and reporters in the mass media. The reports continue to lack objectivity as almost in fear of reprisal from the Big Boss in the White House. Journalists during the Bush Era have lost their backbone. After all how many Dan Rather's can exist in a world where integrity is now redefined as sealed lips?"

Day 22 - December 28, 2008 "On August 28, 2005 we learn that not only is Bush MIA as usual but so is the 'safety' unit we once called a Government. Hurricane Katrina exposes to all of us watching that residential segregation is not only still allowed to exist but left alone to fester as it has no one to fight for its right to life and freedom. Did someone fight for equality in this Country way back once upon a time or was I sleeping in a Dream thinking that ALL Americans had rights?"

Day 21 - December 29, 2008 "After Katrina the decentralization of this government proves disastrous. The aftermath of such a catastrophe is to assign blame. Every level places the responsibility and failure on the other. How wonderful it is to have a 'real' leader at a time like this."

Day 20 - December 30,2008

"In the link below, The New York Times|CBS News Poll shows a perfect picture of the Nation's pulse from the start of this President's 1st term to May 10, 2006. Mounting disapproval ratings for failing to perform on behalf of the people's welfare is evident. What is also evident is that one man has the power to destroy his political party."

Public Perceptions of the President and the Parties

Day 19 - December 31, 2008 - to come-The HOLIDAYS and responsibilities have set this very behind :( butttt it will GET done as it is my time line to the darkness and the corruption brought to us by the Bush Era!

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