Sunday, February 22, 2009

Traditions Cause Divisions

Eric Holder this Country's newly appointed Attorney General made some remarks that stirred up the racial chatter in this Nation once more during a speech made on February 18, 2009.
Eric Holder Says U.S. Remains a 'Nation of Cowards' When It Comes to Race Relations

Here is the speech in its entirety:
Remarks as Prepared for Delivery by Attorney General Eric Holder at the Department of Justice African American History Month Program

I myself make very few remarks on the divides that plague the human race as I find them pitiful and nonconstructive. Did he say anything that was not true or did he just say words that did not want to be heard by some? We are after all a Nation of divided people under one umbrella called the USofA it would seem more often than not. So why not work on bridging the gaps and uniting the people?

Humanity has always been divided by race, by religion, by gender, by wealth/poverty, and so on, and so on, and so on, oh and let's not forget Nation building and borders. Will humanity ever unite and see past their mind limitations and steel walls? We will have to evolve into higher beings for that one. Right now we are still making choices that could have been made a few thousand years ago which tells me that we have not quite evolved yet. So why bother?

If history teaches us anything about ourselves it should stress that as a people divided we have not come far. Traditions and labels might be warm and fuzzy but in the real world do nothing but keep us travelling on different roads. This might be nice for the power hungry mongrels that need their armies and work force in tact but wouldn't it be nice if we as a humanity said 'no more' and actually surpassed the self they made us believe we are? Why not bother?

"Remembering that traditions cause divisions permits us all to become a part of the whole. Labels given/accepted as what/who we are own us."

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Will Obama's Stimulus Bill Work?

Obama signs Stimulus

On Feb. 17th, President Barack Obama signed a $787 billion stimulus bill to rescue this country from its catastrophic economic downfall. Will it work? Is it too late? Is it enough?

I think the worse is yet to come. A bandage will not help heal a massive wound like the one this Nation has. For states, the drowning will have in most cases occurred way before the trickle down. In my opinion, the stimulus bill is not drastic enough and will not drastically help the people who brought about the Presidency for Barack Obama. It's another elaborate scene of 'let's look like we are trying to do something for the people' as usual. A scene that this country has seen many times over with many presidents.

President Barack Obama must remember that he came about at an age where every factor that needed to be there for him to win was there. Is he qualified to lead this nation? Of course, he is extremely qualified and able to lead. The issue is not that of qualifications, the issue is that of a Nation's dynamics. The timing was just right! The technology was just right! We as a Nation evolved into minds that became barrier free. The social media shaped our lives and brought in a new leader for a new time. The dinosaurs unable to interact or understand this field will with time be voiceless. The issue left now is will this stimulus help the minds that brought about this new era? I think that we as a people have to take more responsibility of our own destiny. We are still looking for leaders to bring about change and this in the end will disappoint Obama's followers.

'Barack Obama winning the Presidency was this Country' s Revolution!
Any stimulus bill set forth must come with the same audacity and severity to save this Nation:
It must be revolutionary!'

Friday, February 6, 2009

Are All Laws Just?

"When laws are skewed to benefit the elite fragment of society are they just laws?"

It seems that in a society where order is necessary to sustain the general well being
of the masses we as individuals forgo some of our liberties to allow for this sophisticated infrastructure to exist. Notice the word sophisticated here? A word describing complexity, advanced wisdom, and having worldly knowledge. How intriguing that laws are set on a base derived from knowledgeable intellectuals who look only at the betterment of the whole without ever allowing a stain of self serving decision making in the process. Do such humans exist? Are there selfless human beings who walk under a beam of radiance going forth to bring about laws? Just beings sadly do not exist 100% of the time which brings us to their laws. Are all laws just or are they set up to keep the hierarchy justly in tact? ;)