Friday, February 6, 2009

Are All Laws Just?

"When laws are skewed to benefit the elite fragment of society are they just laws?"

It seems that in a society where order is necessary to sustain the general well being
of the masses we as individuals forgo some of our liberties to allow for this sophisticated infrastructure to exist. Notice the word sophisticated here? A word describing complexity, advanced wisdom, and having worldly knowledge. How intriguing that laws are set on a base derived from knowledgeable intellectuals who look only at the betterment of the whole without ever allowing a stain of self serving decision making in the process. Do such humans exist? Are there selfless human beings who walk under a beam of radiance going forth to bring about laws? Just beings sadly do not exist 100% of the time which brings us to their laws. Are all laws just or are they set up to keep the hierarchy justly in tact? ;)

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