Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"We The People Was Never Honestly Written About Us: Was It?"

Doesn't this beat all?

Now tell me who is making decisions to benefit the welfare of the American people and who is making decisions to benefit the welfare of their own bank accounts by mindlessly punching in a clock? Did these politicians get degrees in anything other than silly thinking? Although, I feel silly thinking this is so, silly seems to be the case. Maybe A.I.G. Executives do need to be paid off with blood to be kept in their positions. Surely, our politicians could never even get through a first interview for a position with such mastery and intellect. The best and the brightest seem not to be in our Government but in the Institutions that have choked our basic values since the beginning. When I read about TAXING the bonuses, I strongly visualized an 'a' in place of the 'o' after the 'b' in the word 'bonuses'. Then I deleted the 'b' and what do you think I got? Our politicians! Silly....aren't they? Anuses for sure! :)

"We the people was never honestly written about us: Was it?" ;)

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