Saturday, April 11, 2009

After All Shouldn't We Fight For Democracy In This Country Too?

On December 6, 2008, I began a Series of Commentaries on President George W. Bush, as I counted down the days left to his Presidency. Here is the link for anyone that is curious to read it.
Series of Commentaries on President George W. Bush

It has ALWAYS bugged me as to why I did not finish this countdown. I know the holidays were upon us and life really had its demands. Yet, this should have/could have never stopped me had I 'really' wanted to finish my commentaries to the last final day.

WHAT HAPPENED? I myself have been pondering my thoughts on this very matter since Day 20, December 30, 2008 when I wrote my last post.

On Day 22nd and Day 21st, I touched upon my thoughts of Bush 43 and the Administration's handling of Katrina. Reliving these thoughts TOTALLY DISGUSTED ME!

I understood an enemy attacking this country. Enemies do that sort of thing I hear. When one's OWN government allows for its people to sit like drowning rats, I find it TOTALLY heartbreaking!

It has been exactly 81 days since Bush's last day (still LOVE the clock above).
President Obama will at least try to bring back some integrity to this position and for that I do respect the man. Will he change the BUREAUCRACY set in stone in the government?

"Changing the bureaucracy rampant in our government is left up to us the constituency. We have to take 'more responsibility' for our own destiny! We need to become 'more involved' and become 'more aware' so that 'collectively' we have 'more say/power.'

After all shouldn't we fight for Democracy in this country too?" ;)