Sunday, May 24, 2009

Why I Find Micro-Blogging Impersonal

I think the lure of micro-blogging has so enchanted us all that we find ourselves chained to its simplistic demands. Where else could we spit out a few short thought out words and just walk away continuing our day?

This is why today my micro-blogging commentary will be short but to the point!

Although micro-blogging fits our schedules and our rapidly growing 'short' attention spans it makes us dehumanize our behavior. We become mechanical and unfeeling. We read comments as if they were being mass produced from out of the vastness of space and forget that behind these written words are actual people. The need for quick/short info seems to have forced many of us to lack civility in our interactions with each other. The 'primary' human tool is no longer fire but the delete/remove button!

As we go forward into the future and micro-blogging evolves into 'one micro grunt' let's not 'ever' forget that behind every GRUNT is a mammal->us!

When micro-blogging remember to: Keep it real-Keep it personal-Keep it human!

I WOULD LIKE TO END BY SAYING THOUGH THAT SOME OF THE MOST AMAZING PEOPLE ARE FOUND IN THESE CIRCLES! So when feeling down because you have to do so much sifting to find the great ones--just smile and keep going: They're out there! :)