Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Everyone Makes A Difference In This World

Because of the paradox of humanity's coexistence of wealth and technology with suffering and deprivation, a while back I decided to light my own match and begin the process of self simplification. I found an overwhelming need for the cleansing of my values!

The economic crisis we suffered and are still struggling to overcome forced me like many others to re-examine priorities. The further instability of the global markets became the final catalyst that awakened those who chose to live and function inside their local bubble. Luckily for me, I wasn't that isolated but still needed a huge overhaul of what I once considered to be my lifestyle. As I looked around me I found that because more and more people heard the knock of hardship at their own door something once dormant was blooming. The birth of empathy seemed to be spreading like fire. Unbelievable as it might sound people actually began to care for the plight of their fellow human beings and I knew that if nothing else hope was still alive. The light I saw in others gave me the courage to alter my path, unload what I once valued as dear and strive to become a person of worth not through possessions but through selfless acts.

So here I am reminding everybody that we all have a responsibility to self evolve as to communally help everyone around us. Whether through individual feats of courage or group achievement everyone makes a difference in this world.

Governments should not fear revolutions as much as they should fear the encroachment of an enlightened society.