Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The People's Attraction To Their Political Leaders

Seems like a fitting month to discuss the charismatic lure political leaders have over their subjects -- >

I have always wondered what the single most critical factor is when a citizen picks their political leader. After all, for all those that go to the polls, there must be something that does indeed lock their vote well enough in one direction for them to vote. What might that something be? My guess: charisma.

The charismatic leader gives off a sense of security to all who wish to be under their leadership. They are the equivalent of a Santa, Rambo, and Papa Smurf all rolled into one. This leader offers to give without taking while crushing anything and anyone that comes in the way of the village. At least this seems to be the essence of what the political charisma gives off. Seen in another way however, the charismatic leader is selling life, and a long and secure life seems to be able to put anyone under its magical spell. Still, as time passes and the charismatic spell wears off, we tend to be left with little more than minor disturbances to the status quo.

Overall, I find that Political charm is a bit like Valentine's Day. If done just right you can get a bit of mileage out the sweet delicious chocolate bon bons. Ultimately though, there is bound to be a crash and the elation of the moment fades. Stuck in such predicaments, people gripe and moan, no amount of regret will take back their votes.

Anyway, next time a politician tries to charm his or her way with your vote take out the fan and blow away the smoke. Hot air out of the picture, you might just find nothing left to distract you.