Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Personal Qualities and Attributes of a Firefighter Beat the Politician's Mindset Hands Down

Have you ever thought seriously about the personal characteristics of the firefighter? I have -> over & over :)

How many politicians would go blindly into a building to save a life? Can't say any come to mind can you?

The firefighter not only believes in but respects the diversity that makes us a civilization. So much so that they offer their life to uphold these values.

I myself am far from perfection. As far as character flaws go, I run the full spectrum of the rainbow. Yet, I know that when it comes down to it the firefighter, a total stranger will give up their life fighting any obstacle to protect mine. It never ever gets more personal than that. The political mindset on the other hand will not only leave me to perish but refer to my demise after the fact, as collateral damage.

How sad that our political leaders lack the ethical approach to protecting the life of others that is innate in firefighters. When we as citizens demand more from those serving us they might just amuse us and draft a bill. Anyone in the mood for some pork ? ;)

You guessed it! Today was a plug for the most committed and selfless hero out there: the firefighter.

My way
of saying yes: I noticed you.