Saturday, June 19, 2010

Still Looking For The Perfect Hero

I seem to have entered into a blogger's black hole. Words escape me as I keep pushing on my quest for finding the selfless human hero that would surpass the attributes of a firefighter. Sort of stuck! Every door I look through seems to have an underlying / hidden agenda.

Always remember that in life you can measure a person's backbone by how upright they stand when running as well as the direction of their path.

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Vic said...

Only one person that I know of, and that is a soldier. Especially a soldier firefighter. Fighting fires can be dubious, and can be really hot.

But fire is inhuman.

Those that fight to protect us actively, in the middle of a firefight from something more intelligent than fire, more malicious than fire, more devious than fire, something with a conscious aim to kill them.

A soldier would be that one person.