Sunday, September 26, 2010


How can I put each day aside, letting it fade into the past

erasing all images, I have stored in my heart of you?

Is life so shallow that our existence consists of only what we touch?

And, if when we remember, does it have to be like a dream

or a fantasy we are not sure we even experienced?

How can I bring back what I once felt, what I once loved?

How can I bring back the stars that seemed to touch my fingertips,

the moon that brightened even the darkest of all of my nights?

How can I bring back the light that entered my being ,

how, when I do not even have you?

Note: Just sharing a piece of writing I once wrote.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

If Honesty Was Made Into Law

There are many laws today that concern us. But, out of these laws someone forgot to add the importance of honesty into the mix. If a law could be made to make people have to be honest, life would be so much different.

Imagine going to the supermarket and buying a pound of meat. Today when we go it looks pink and juicy. But, if honesty was a law, the markets could not plump up the meat with water and add additives for color. They would also not be able to include those soaked strips of paper that add at least two ounces to its weight. Just think how nice it would be to take home that 1/2 a pound of brown paper thin piece of meat to place on your grill. At least, you could eat it proudly knowing that it came to you with total honesty.

How about the police that stop you for a speeding ticket? Can you imagine how nice it would be if while driving down a highway there were bright signs that tell you to lower your speed. Instead, they are added to a sign saying, "Thank You for Visiting Us," while a tree hides a small inconspicuous 45 MPH sign way down to your far right by a ditch.

If honesty was made into law our economy would not only boom once again but be totally sustained by its new and ever growing prisons! ;-)