Sunday, September 26, 2010


How can I put each day aside, letting it fade into the past

erasing all images, I have stored in my heart of you?

Is life so shallow that our existence consists of only what we touch?

And, if when we remember, does it have to be like a dream

or a fantasy we are not sure we even experienced?

How can I bring back what I once felt, what I once loved?

How can I bring back the stars that seemed to touch my fingertips,

the moon that brightened even the darkest of all of my nights?

How can I bring back the light that entered my being ,

how, when I do not even have you?

Note: Just sharing a piece of writing I once wrote.


Anonymous said...

Very beautifully written, sad too. ~You had me thinking on things the other day about revealing so much. It took a lot of years to "push" through. Times when I really didn't have a voice, a lot of pain & struggle. Hard to explain, but I think somehow in a lot/even of love I write of, could connect to another/or help another connect in some manner/to me this helps my heart in great ways/ even in my current struggles. :)) ~thank you for sharing yours, truly lovely. ~April

Anonymous said...

As April said very sincerely, write about own feelings,good/bad and thoughts helps emotionally a lot,cause if there is nobdy around to talk,then writing is definetely so nice way to handle cause allways there is somebody here who is hearing and reading your thoughts:)

Sincerely Estella koukla your friend Matti