Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Transparency ~ fluid, clear, unattainable.

Democracy ~ failing, festering, sealed.

Both enlightened concepts,

Both fighting darkness to escape,

Both sparking, flickering,
yet never lighting.

Forever trapped in the apathy
of the human mind.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

For A Moment In Time

For a moment in time,
I felt the wind beneath my feet.

For a moment in time,
I climbed the hilltops that were steep.

For a moment in time,
I reached the clouds that were so high.

For a moment in time,
I inhaled beauty that did not die.

For years every moment was dedicated to an eternal search for those hypnotic moments in time that left me breathless. Those moments that haunted my every dream, that haunted my every waking hour.

I existed in a world where moments needed to be captured and caged, where moments needed to be totally devoured. Ironically in a twist of fate, time itself began to weigh down those moments to the point of gasping imprisonment. Enslaved by my own thirst of the moment, I struggled to seek an escape.

Finally, the magical power that once existed in the moment with its promise of everlasting euphoria lost its hold over me. For once, time allowed me the gift of breaking away. The chains that bound my hands, my feet, my mind, my soul began to release their hold on me.

Through the whispers of the wind, a sweetness more powerful than any moment in time appeared to me and set me free. Free to appreciate not just a particular moment but 'every' moment time had to offer. Free to feel life's moments caress my skin and cover me with a blanket of their love.

Free to give birth to a flight that through its turmoil decided that chaos should give birth to a tiny, little, lost and weathered pebble ... me.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Lack of Transparency

Lack of transparency is and has always been the culture of all governments throughout the world. Although the degree is debatable, its existence is deeply embedded into every political ideology. This is a fact and cannot be argued. For example, I find it amusing the extent many go to defend that they have freedoms by attempting to rationalize that other Nations have far less and we should feel fortunate to live here in the United States. It is sad that we as a people allow apathy to lesson our expectations of our government. Right now with all eyes on Washington DC corruption festers with each decision and indecision being made because ultimately; transparency does not exist.

Without full transparency, Democracy is just another word for tyranny.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Melting Borders

The measure of a man/woman is what he does with power ~ Plato

As I attempt to cultivate my cosmopolitan moral and socio-political philosophy, I find myself studying behavioral patterns of existing power balancers and shifters more and more. Although volatile at times in numerous regions, the quest for stability in order to maintain the status quo within certain power states while allowing weaker systems to fracture has always intrigued me. I especially find the fear factor thrown into the mix by strong leaders the most relevant of all measures in the social phenomena.

It seems 'power' continues to be engraved in the core of the human psyche. Given the advancement of technology the animal within humankind still wins every time.

For me, global stability will only come from collective security. This would mean power would have to be distributed equally and not hoarded amongst the few. Will this ever occur? Will our state of existence ever evolve? Most likely not given the world stage at this moment but it is an interesting concept.

An enlightened society has a way of not only breaking down walls but ultimately melting borders.