Saturday, February 19, 2011

Melting Borders

The measure of a man/woman is what he does with power ~ Plato

As I attempt to cultivate my cosmopolitan moral and socio-political philosophy, I find myself studying behavioral patterns of existing power balancers and shifters more and more. Although volatile at times in numerous regions, the quest for stability in order to maintain the status quo within certain power states while allowing weaker systems to fracture has always intrigued me. I especially find the fear factor thrown into the mix by strong leaders the most relevant of all measures in the social phenomena.

It seems 'power' continues to be engraved in the core of the human psyche. Given the advancement of technology the animal within humankind still wins every time.

For me, global stability will only come from collective security. This would mean power would have to be distributed equally and not hoarded amongst the few. Will this ever occur? Will our state of existence ever evolve? Most likely not given the world stage at this moment but it is an interesting concept.

An enlightened society has a way of not only breaking down walls but ultimately melting borders.

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