Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Lost With You

Timeless moments spent roaming in search of eternal flames.

Thirsty for the unattainable and aching for the treasures hidden inside the walls.

Breathless and determined we wandered losing ourselves in the maze of life.

This I carry back as I cross over into my universe, my time, my life.

I carry within me the rubble that captured my heart in a city lost with you.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Lost In Translation

The world is a marvel

to cherish, to love.

Its people descendants
of gods all above.

How hard is it really
to reach out a hand?

To comfort the needy
to nourish their land.

Is peace just an imagine
in some off dreamland?

Or will we cross over
revolt and finally disband? 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


The button that I pushed,
found its way across to you.

It was simple misdirection,
not pure quantum calculation.

Didn't think about the journey,
nor the stops along each day.

Just kept looking for more buttons,
to keep doors and paths your way.

The conspiracy to journey,
to defy an act of fate,

brought the voyage to an ending,
through a windless sailing state.

So I stopped and took a breather,
at a crossroad found a row.

Felt a loss of something greater,
but knew time had lost its glow.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

In Search of a Soul

So here I am ~ alone,
filtering the pieces ~ snipping,
wondering at the shape.

How did the puzzle of my life web out,
to its existing shape?

Where did the fit get forced in,
to create this design?

Was it possible to transform the shapes,
into different patterns ~ to bring an outcome,
that included love, trust, support, and sunshine?

Cutting and reshaping the pieces of my life,
seem a reasonable choice ~ but into what?

Where do I reroute?  Where do I delete?
Where do I add ~ and what shape should it be?

These are the questions left,
the questions left to life.